I would ban this Church: a nationalist deputy writes a denunciation on the UOC

22 December 2017 03:17
I would ban this Church: a nationalist deputy writes a denunciation on the UOC
Deputy of Ivano-Frankovsk Regional Council Mikhail Ivanochko seeks the prohibition of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and suggests that its priests be driven out of their temples. This is what the head of the district organization All-Ukrainian Association “Svoboda”, initiator of the address by the regional council urging to check the UOC clergy for their connection with FSB, told the publishers Vgolos.

"This whole Church should be banned immediately. They must all be driven out. If they do not want to leave voluntarily, then the force method should be used. At least "kicks". This is the only way to act! ", assures "Svoboda” member.

"To be honest, at first I had an idea to write an appeal about a complete ban on the activities of this Church in the Carpathian Mountains. But we thought that nothing would come of it: it is not our authority. Therefore, it was agreed to publicize an appeal to the authorities so that the Moscow priests would be checked by the National Security Service for their cooperation with the FSB and other punitive agencies of the aggressor country," the deputy confessed.

Also, the initiator of the appeal to the SBU said, "I would personally put surveillance on each of them ... Certainly, all temples must be inspected, all dark corners searched. They keep there no one knows what – аnti-Ukrainian agitprop literature, weapons, hide separatists. In Pochaev slogans are hanging everywhere “God does not understand Ukrainian.” Besides, priests in their sermons forbid believers to pray in the Ukrainian language, as if “God cannot hear Ukrainian.” Isn’t it the evidence for the Security Service of Ukraine?”

Mikhail Ivanochko is sure that the SBU "runs on the roof with a Georgian (Mikheil Saakashvili – Ed.) instead of ensuring the security of Ukraine.

Earlier the mayor of Ivano-Frankovsk said that “Svoboda” would ban the UOC.
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