Networks: Ministry of Education strikes at traditional values of Ukraine

28 December 2019 19:21
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Photo: from open sources Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Photo: from open sources

In the "anti-discrimination expertise" of textbooks, the Ministry of Education expresses dissatisfaction with the mention of a complete family and religious objects.

Under the pretext of combating discrimination, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine strikes at traditional values – family and Orthodoxy, reports the “Churcher” Telegram channel, having analyzed the protocols of "anti-discrimination expert analysis" of the electronic version of one of the draft textbooks for form 1 of secondary school published on the website

According to the resource, expert conclusions are focused on issues of gender equality, "but in the protocol that came to us, the blow falls on traditional values in general, for example, dissatisfaction with references to religious objects is expressed."

“In it, the expert claims that ‘a two-parent family of three generations is a stereotype and discrimination, because not all children have a complete family and not all have older relatives,” the report says, “illustrating the letter “i“ with an Orthodox icon is "discrimination based on religious beliefs" and the centre spread placement of pictures of historical sights of Kyiv – Orthodox churches and the Archangel Michael is "discriminatory on religious grounds and place of residence, it is recommended to replace with other symbols, monuments and the like."

In this regard, the resource asks the question: where will such “avoiding uncomfortable moments” lead to and how changing the centre spread pictures in a school textbook will help get rid of discrimination: “If we print other sights, so by their logic, we will discriminate against another group of children who live in the place without these attractions. The historical monuments of Kyiv are the history of all Ukraine, this is the history of our capital, which will always be a symbol of our country, especially since many churches in Kyiv have long become not only places of worship but also national symbols.”

“Is a two-parent family a stereotype and discrimination? Seriously? If we try not to touch on uncomfortable questions, the child will never learn to live in this world, because they will never be independent. Plus, they will never understand what is good and what is bad, they will not strive for the best for themselves and society in their life. We no longer want to recall that this fight against ‘discrimination’ leads to ‘gender ideology’ that undermines the foundations of our way of life, which, nevertheless, is based on Christian foundations,” the resource emphasizes, noting that it is about historical values and traditions, and “if we ‘cut out’ our religious and national symbols from children's textbooks and implement gender education, there will be much more of those who want to put together the incompatible things.”

We recall that earlier the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations sent letters to the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, in which it called for the abolition of the anti-discrimination expertise of textbooks and educational programs because of its ideological bias.

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