Head of UGCC calls Heavenly Hundred a model of love for neighbour

24 February 2020 12:28
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Bloodshed on the Maidan’s become "the standard by which we measure our social and even church life today," Shevchuk said on the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity.

During a working trip to the Vatican, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Sviatoslav Shevchuk called the heroes of Heavenly Hundred “a paragon of truth, justice and love for the neighbour,” reports the UGCC website.

Recalling the "special sacrifice of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes", the leader of the Uniates who were directly involved in the organization of the Maidan emphasized that "today we pray for their eternal rest and thank the Lord God for them, for the fact that in our nation there were such great people who were ready to sacrifice even their own lives out of love for their people."

“Their sacrifice, their blood shed on the paving tones of Kyiv, for us, Ukrainians, has forever become a measure of justice, a standard by which we measure our social and even ecclesiastic life today. In their sacrifice, we received the presence of the sacrifice of our Saviour, who says: There is no greater love than that when someone puts his life for his friends. <...> This paragon of truth, justice and love for our neighbour is a light for us and a pointer to the future, ”Shevchuk said.

He also spoke about the pain of the families of those killed on Maidan due to the lack of court decisions on punishing the guilty and "initiating the adoption of laws on deglorification and the abolition of the amnesty for the Maidan participants". According to him, "today we again observe how criminals are chosen instead of benefactors, and the righteous are again crucified."

“The head of the Uniates Sviatoslav Shevchuk said that ‘the Heavenly Hundred heroes are for us ... the paragon of love for our neighbour’,” the Orthodox blogger Alexander Voznesensky commented Sviatoslav Shevchuk’s statement. “That is, when they set fire to the police using Molotov cocktails, it was the way they showed their love. Tell this to the wives of police officers who died on the Maidan. The blood of these guys who died protecting the order in the country is on your hands and on the hands of your clergy who were directly behind the organization of the coup.”

As reported earlier, Sviatoslav Shevchuk promised to always be the "voice of pain" for the families of the Heavenly Hundred.

We recall that the UGCC hierarch Vladimir Grutsa said that the Heavenly Hundred sends rain and sun to the Ukrainians from heaven.

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