Drabinko reiterates his “special” canonical status in the OCU

17 March 2020 18:44
"Hierarch" of the OCU Alexander (Drabinko). Photo: syla.news

The issue of canonicity of ordination concerns the clergymen who were in the UAOC and UOC-KP but not those who went to the OCU from the canonical Church, said Drabinko.

Former Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Alexander (Drabinko) once again emphasized his “special” canonical status in the church structure of Epiphanius Dumenko.

“Were the Sacraments of the UAOC and the Kiev Patriarchate grace-filled?” This is a question of the past; it can worry those who used to serve in these structures. But not me – the hierarch who came to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine from the UOC (MP), whose beneficial status has never been denied,” he said in an interview with the Internet publication “Spiritual Front of Ukraine”.

Drabinko also added that the structures themselves, which supplied the “hierarchs” for the OCU, no longer exist. The "bishop" of the religious organization, Epiphanius Dumenko, considers for this reason the question of the canonicity of their consecration to be "theoretical". 

“Because now these structures simply do not exist. There is an elderly person with a difficult life path, who considers himself the current patriarch of Kiev. And a flock of marginalized individuals around him,” concluded the “hierarch” of the OCU.

Earlier, Drabinko already doubted the canonical status of the "hierarchs" of the church structure led by Epiphanius Dumenko and claimed his "impeccable canonical dignity".

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