Yurash: Switching to new style is a sign of gratitude to Western countries

11 February 2023 19:30
Andriy Yurash. Photo: suspilne.media Andriy Yurash. Photo: suspilne.media

Ukraine is part of Western culture, the transition to the new calendar is not a theological but a cultural and ideological issue, said Yurash.

Ukraine's Ambassador to the Vatican to the Order of Malta, Andriy Yurash, said that the transition to the new style is a sign of gratitude to the countries of the Western world, suspilne.media reported.

"This transition is a very symbolic act. In my opinion, it is not so much a theological question, it is a cultural and ideological one. We are part of Western culture. It is logical that in this dimension, too, we should reaffirm our belonging. Moreover, it is not a formal choice, it is a form of gratitude that we feel towards the majority of the Western spiritual oikoumene in the fight against Russian aggression," said Andriy Yurash.

According to him, the resistance to the transition to the new church calendar was artificial and formal.

"Some Protestant Churches announced the switch to the new style as early as December, before Christmas. Likewise, the OCU allowed many communities and eparchies that wanted to celebrate the new style, to do so. So, this is a very strong impulse that will echo. If we think about some opposition, and problems, they were quite artificial, and formal. From the standpoint of the Church, there are no difficulties," added Yurash.

As reported, Zoria said that the OCU will decide in May on the transition to the new calendar.

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