“Osnova” Publishing House sued for corruption of minors

05 July 2020 01:29
Books on sex education, published by the Books on sex education, published by the "Osnova" Publishing House. Photo: vsirazom

The "Osnova" publishing group has published a number of books on child sex education, the content of which may qualify as corruption of minors.

The civil movement "All Together" requested the Office of the Procurator-General and the National Police to assess the legality of the actions of the “Osnova” Publishing House and to hold its leadership accountable for the corruption of young children. The appeal was posted on the organization's website.

The reason for the appeal to the Prosecutor's Office and the police was the books published by LLC “‘Osnova’ Publishing Group”, which contain a description of sexual intercourse in the smallest details, accompanied by appropriate images.

The books "Encyclopedia of sexual life 10-13 years", "Encyclopedia of sexual life 7-9 years" and "Encyclopedia of sexual life 4-6 years" are sold on all the most popular book sites of Ukraine and they indicate the age category for persons aged 9 - 14 years, which are minors.

Accordingly, the civil movement "All Together" calls on the Prosecutor's Office and the police to hold the "Osnova" Publishing House accountable, "as calls such as "get even more pleasure" and "get to know each other closer" can have a very negative impact on the psyche and emotional development of the child, and then manifest itself in social consequences: abortion, rapes, AIDS, infertility, etc.".

The Publishing House was reminded that the Criminal Code of Ukraine prohibits early sexual relations, including voluntary ones, and there is a corresponding punishment for this.

"The book imposes a lack of control over sexual desires on young children and leads to the commission by children of major crimes such as rape and coercion into sexual acts," the authors of the letter believe.

In addition, it is noted that "in the texts for children aged 10-13, not an adult man and woman but adolescents are depicted in the pictures during sexual intercourse".

Also, the books advertise a medical product for abortion unregistered in Ukraine and prohibited for use by children.

“All Together” lawyers have pointed out to the “Osnova” Publishing House that Article 20 of the Law “On Advertising” explicitly prohibits advertising using images of children consuming or using products intended only for adults or containing appeals to children to purchase products or ask third parties to make a purchase".

In this regard, the authors of the claim believe that all of the above contains signs of criminal acts of LLC “Publishing Group ‘Osnova’", which means that law enforcers should start "a pre-trial investigation of the criminal offence under Articles 156 and 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and arrest the entire circulation of the published books as direct physical evidence".

As reported earlier, Archpriest Gennady Batenko, deputy head of the Synod Department for Medicine of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, believes that a programme of child defilement is being developed under the guise of sex education.


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