OCU raiders attempt to seize UOC church in Petropavlivske

13 May 2023 14:14
An attempted seizure of a church in Petropavlivske. Photo: t.me/dozor_kozak1 An attempted seizure of a church in Petropavlivske. Photo: t.me/dozor_kozak1

OCU activists attacked worshippers, several of whom were injured.

On May 13, 2023, OCU raiders began seizing Sts Peter and Paul’s Church in the village of Petropavlivske in the Kyiv region, reports the Telegram channel "DOZOR on Kozak1”.

As reported from the scene, around 8 a.m., several vehicles with raiders drove up to the temple. The rector of the church, Father Vasyl Brynzey, wanted to enter the church, but 3 OCU activists blocked his way, not allowing the priest to pass and trying to twist his arms.

The raiders had already been on the church grounds and had managed to break down the doors of the church. The gates of the church grounds were blocked by militants in uniform and balaclavas.

Parishioners began to approach the church and attempted to enter the temple. The OCU activists attacked the worshippers, several of whom were injured. One parishioner had his head bashed in by OCU radicals.

"The case of the illegal re-registration of the church is still pending in court. But Epiphany's invaders decided not to wait for the verdict. Moreover, they want to take the house away from the priest's family. They want to throw four small children out on the street, whom they are already terrorizing on a regular basis. After the stress of the attacks by the OCU activists, Fr. Vasyl’s little daughter is constantly experiencing panic attacks. This is the devil’s face of the state church of the crowbar and grinder," noted the Telegram channel "DOZOR on Kozak1'".

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