In France, a 12th-century temple is auctioned for 70,000 euros

13 July 2023 18:17
Church of the Apostle Paul in Poitiers. Photo: Church of the Apostle Paul in Poitiers. Photo:

The temple in honor of the Apostle Paul in Poitiers has long been used as a storeroom for museum exhibits.

The city authorities of the French city of Poitiers have decided to auction for 70,000 euros a temple in honor of the Apostle Paul, built in the 12th century, according to the website.

This former parish church was sold during the French Revolution. Subsequently, it was used for various purposes – as a barn, then as a shoemaker's shop and warehouse.

When the church was bought by the city, it housed the museum's storerooms, in particular, there were heavy statues, as well as medieval bells, which were subsequently transferred to the new storeroom building in Phonui-sous-Biare.

The Church of the Apostle Paul in Poitiers was repeatedly rebuilt (the active phase of its construction was from the 12th to the 15th centuries) and bears traces of several eras: Romanesque capitals, as well as Gothic elements. Thanks to this, the building is protected as a historical monument.

In 2014, the city purchased it “but without any specific plans,” former mayor Alain Clays admitted at a city council meeting, regretting the decision to sell the building.

However, the current mayor of the city of Poitiers, Leonor Moncond'huy, said that "we can no longer afford to maintain buildings that are objects of cultural heritage without a specific purpose."

“Especially since the roof is damaged, but we are prioritizing the repair of buildings in use,” added Natalie Rimbo-Erigo, deputy mayor in charge of municipal heritage.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that several Christian churches were put up for sale in Turkey.

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