Profanariot website posts an offensive article about head of Albania Church

14 August 2023 11:02
Archbishop Anastasios. Photo: Archbishop Anastasios. Photo:

In an article on a pro-fanariot resource, Archbishop Anastasios was called the “gatekeeper” of the Russian Orthodox Church, who “will die unrepentant.”

On August 11, 2023, the pro-fanariot resource published an article against Archbishop Anastasios of Albania, in which the head of the Church of Albania was criticized for writing in defense of Metropolitan Jonathan of Tulchyn.

In a publication titled "Ο Αλβανίας Αναστάσιος στη χοάνη του ‘ρωσικού κόσμου’" ("Albanian Anastasios in the quagmire of the ‘Russian world’"), Archbishop Anastasios was called the "gatekeeper of the Russian Church", which "not only does not recognize the OCU, but also supports the ‘Russian world’ narrative."

The head of the Albanian Church was criticized for the words of support he said to Metropolitan Jonathan of Tulchyn. At the end of the publication, it is said that the author "is sorry about Anastasios of Albania having fallen into the quagmire of the 'Russian world'." According to the author, "unfortunately", the head of the Albanian Church "has no prospect of coming back" and "he will die unrepentant."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the head of the Albanian Church expressed words of support to the abbot of the Lavra.

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