“Priest” in Khmelnytsky region laments that UOC clergy do not join OCU

16 August 2023 10:22
Zakhar Zalizny. Photo: suspilne.media Zakhar Zalizny. Photo: suspilne.media

The "priest" of the OCU from the Khmelnytsky region said that his organization is facing a severe shortage of clergy.

The representative of the Khmelnytsky diocese of the OCU, Zakhar Zalizny, complained that the majority of UOC priests in the Khmelnytsky region are unwilling to transition to the structure led by Dumenko, Suspilne reports.

According to Zalizny, “250 parishes have converted to the OCU in Khmelnytsky since 2014. Yet, only 20 priests of the UOC have moved there.”

Zalizny did not disclose the total number of UOC priests residing in the region but noted that his organization (OCU) is experiencing a severe shortage of personnel.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that in Netishyn, believers of the UOC have been praying in a house since their temple was seized by OCU raiders.

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