595 hate crimes committed against Christians in Europe

18 November 2020 18:54
Most crimes were committed in France. Photo: lemonde.fr Most crimes were committed in France. Photo: lemonde.fr

According to the Organization for Security and Cooperation, there were attacks on Catholic priests, church burning and vandalism over 2019 in Europe.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation has released data on 595 hate crimes against Christians that were committed in Europe in 2019.

Among the crimes: attacks on Catholic priests, burning of Catholic churches, destruction of images of the Virgin Mary, vandalism in a counseling center for pregnant women and theft of sanctified items, Sedmitsa.Ru reports with reference to the CNA news agency.

Most crimes against Christians were committed in France (144), mainly against Catholics and their churches.

Also on the list were Germany (81 crimes), Spain (75) and Italy (70).

Of the total number of crimes against Christians, 80 were targeted at people, 459 – at property.

As reported by the UOJ, the teacher was beheaded in France after a lecture with cartoons of Muhammed.

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