"To pay to come to God?!" blogger outraged at paid entrance to St Sophia

12 September 2023 17:11
St. Sophia’s Cathedral. Photo: 24tv.ua St. Sophia’s Cathedral. Photo: 24tv.ua

A Kyiv blogger was outraged that accessing Sophia Cathedral and lighting a candle there can only be done for a fee.

The blogger posted a video on social media from St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv, in which he explained that you can enter the church only by buying a ticket priced up to 300 UAH. He shared the video on his TikTok account, "Martynenko_prank_kr".

In the blogger's opinion, people should not have to pay money to enter a church and pray to God.

"What's going on?" he engaged in a discussion with a female tour guide. "I'm going to God; I don't want to pay anything; I just want to go and pray. Imagine, you can't enter the church for free; you have to pay for it. I understand that it's super cool and super beautiful here. But it seems a bit off to me. Why should a church be paid for?"

As reported, after the authorities closed the Lower Lavra for believers, you can only access the Caves by paying for a guided tour.

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