Apology or court: Legal Dept comments on KСSA deputy head’s words about UOC

13 September 2023 13:13
Deputy head of the KSCA Volodymyr Prokopiv. Photo: vechirniy.kyiv.ua Deputy head of the KSCA Volodymyr Prokopiv. Photo: vechirniy.kyiv.ua

The Legal Dept responded to the KCSA deputy head who urged the authorities not to be idle while "converting" parishes to the OCU and accused the UOC of "keeping FSB agents".

Deputy head of the KCSA Volodymyr Prokopiv must apologise to the believers for his insults to the UOC, and if this is not done – the official will be brought to responsibility, reports the press service of the UOC Legal Department.

They noted that in his statements about the UOC Prokopiv deliberately uses the expression "Moscow Patriarchate" to form a negative attitude towards the denomination and incite inter-faith hatred.

The Legal Department believes that with his statements, the deputy head of the KCSA violates the prohibition to establish any advantages or restrictions of one religion over others.

The UOC also said that all of Prokopiv's accusations, in which he calls the Church an "FSB branch", are false and aimed at inciting hatred of some citizens of Ukraine against others.

"At the time when they (parishioners of the UOC – Ed.) are being dragged through the mud and slandered, a large number of UOC believers defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, participate in various volunteer and humanitarian missions," the message says.

Commenting on the official's words about the need to review economic relations with the UOC parishes in Kyiv, the Legal Department noted that such statements only confirm Prokopiv's deliberate actions to persecute religious communities.

"We urge Mr. Prokopiv to ask for forgiveness from the UOC faithful whom he insulted. Otherwise, we reserve the right to initiate prosecution of the head of the European Solidarity party in the Kyiv City Council," added the UOC lawyers.

As reported, the Kyiv City Council official said that the UOC keeps FSB agents in its churches.

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