Patriarch of Alexandria on Israel-Palestine war: Great horror is looming

10 October 2023 21:13
Patriarch Theodoros II. Photo: Patriarch Theodoros II. Photo:

Patriarch Theodoros stated that due to the war in the Middle East, humanity will see events that will lead to great despair.

Patriarch Theodoros II, commenting on the war between Israel and Palestine, stated that even greater horror awaits humanity, as reported by the Romfea publication.

"We will witness things and events that will lead us to great despair... The only thing I want to advise is not to lose courage, so that we can face the impending events," the Patriarch said.

"Greater horror is looming. Let us implore the Leader of Peace, the One I serve, to have mercy on the place where He lived, on Jerusalem. Let us implore the One who honored us by coming to Egypt with the Holy Family as an immigrant and a poor man," added the head of the Alexandrian Church.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that the Taliban had appealed to Iran, Jordan, and Iraq to provide them with passage to Israel to participate in the war.

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