In Nosivka, activists invite "parishioners" to the seized church through ads

12 October 2023 20:29
Activist of the OCU in Nosovka, who published the ad. Photo: Zezyulkina's FB Activist of the OCU in Nosovka, who published the ad. Photo: Zezyulkina's FB

People are urged to come to the “service” of the OCU in order to “testify to their civic position.”

Activists in Nosivka, supported by the authorities, have taken over the Holy Trinity Church of the UOC (Ukrainian Orthodox Church). They are recruiting people for "services" held by the OCU (Orthodox Church of Ukraine) through advertisements. A photo of such an advertisement was posted on Facebook by activist and volunteer Tatiana Zezyulkina.

The text of the advertisement invites people to attend a "festive service" on Sunday to "demonstrate their statehood and civil position."

"Attention! Attention! The hour of truth has come! The Orthodox Church of Ukraine needs your support. Come on Sunday, October 15, at 9 AM to the central church of Nosivka for a festive service. Demonstrate your statehood and civil position. Glory to Ukraine!" the advertisement reads.

In another post, Zezyulkina referred to the parishioners of the seized church, who are praying outside the fence, as "filth waiting for Russian liberators" and claimed that they are paid 1,000 UAH for their prayers.

In the comments, Zezyulkina did not find much support.

"They took away the church, but there are no parishioners, and they will say that people are paid a thousand for defending their sanctuary!," wrote Anna Bas.

"And I, a simpleton, still thought that to go to church, one needed faith in God, but as it turns out, that's unnecessary. The main thing is to have a state civil position. Look, people, what happens when a church is taken by those who have no use for it!," wrote Oleh Huha.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that people in camouflage seized the Holy Trinity Church of the UOC in Nosivka at night and told the parishioners that they "must be destroyed."

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