New RF banknote features a no-cross temple and a minaret with a crescent

16 October 2023 14:09
New banknote in the Russian Federation. Photo: RBC New banknote in the Russian Federation. Photo: RBC

The new 1000-ruble banknote features images of the Kazan Kremlin buildings: an Orthodox church without a cross and a Muslim minaret.

On October 16, 2023, new banknotes in denominations of 1,000 and 5,000 rubles were introduced in the Russian Federation, RBC reports. On the 1000-ruble note, the designers placed images of religious buildings of the Kazan Kremlin: the Syuyumbike tower with an Islamic crescent and the Vvedensky Orthodox Church without a cross.

The new banknote caused outrage in the Russian Orthodox Church. The famous priest-blogger Pavel Ostrovsky wrote in his Telegram channel: “What, comrades, have you completely lost your fear? On the new 1000 ruble banknote you depict a minaret with a crescent, and the dome of an Orthodox church without a cross. Don't play with fire."

In his opinion, the situation can be explained either by the “stupidity of the designers” or by “a deliberate provocation that has previously been encountered from adherents of Islam from Tatarstan.” According to him, “I'd rather it were the former option.”

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the ROC was alarmed by the massive “erasing” of crosses on coats of arms and state logos.

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