Met. Feodosiy: Religious persecution is evil, and evil must be combated

31 October 2023 08:48
Metropolitan Feodosiy. Photo: Metropolitan Feodosiy. Photo:

According to the bishop, evil does not like light and publicity, and when it is dragged out into the light – it is forced to squirm, justify itself and retreat.

Metropolitan Feodosiy (Snigirev) of Cherkasy and Kaniv (UOC) believes that religious persecution is evil, and if it is so, it should be fought against.

In an interview with Deacon Serhiy Heruk, Metropolitan Feodosiy said that his speech at the UN Human Rights Council will undoubtedly "give and has already given an impetus to the worldwide coverage of today's persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church".

"Tell me: Are religious persecutions of such scale like those currently happening in Ukraine even imaginable in the 21st century in the heart of the European continent? Normal people can hardly take it in," the archbishop noted.

In his opinion, the last time our Church experienced such persecution was during the time of General Secretary Khrushchev. "But even Khrushchev did not think of passing a state law(!) banning the Church. But they are trying to do it now," he stressed.

According to Metropolitan Feodosiy, "Religious persecution is an unconditional evil, and evil must be fought against, it must be dragged out into the light." "Evil dislikes the light very much and does not like publicity. In the light, evil is forced to squirm, justify itself and retreat," the hierarch said.

As earlier reported, Metropolitan Feodosiy of Cherkasy addressed the UN Council.


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