Amsterdam: Repressions against UOC are reminiscent of Soviet times

27 November 2023 18:36
Bob Amsterdam. Photo: departurespodcast Bob Amsterdam. Photo: departurespodcast

The American lawyer said that the actions of the Ukrainian authorities against the Church are not much different from the policies of the Bolsheviks.

American lawyer Bob Amsterdam, in an interview with The European Conservative, stated that due to persecutions by Ukrainian authorities, many UOC communities are forced to go underground and lead an existence reminiscent of the Church in Soviet times.

He emphasized that the UOC is the country's largest denomination, with over 10,000 clergy.

According to him, due to arrests and government pressure, many community leaders are forced to conduct worship services in secret.

"What has developed is an underground church that evades calculation and is reminiscent of Soviet times," says Amsterdam.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that, according to Bob Amsterdam, his task in defending the UOC is to revoke the bill on its prohibition.

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