Lawyer: Ukrainian authorities receive signals that UOC cannot be banned

29 November 2023 19:25
Human rights activist Oleg Denisov. Photo: Human rights activist Oleg Denisov. Photo:

Oleg Denisov said that the Ukrainian authorities have received “enough” hints at the international level that a law banning the UOC cannot be adopted.

Human rights activist Oleg Denisov told the UOJ that the Ukrainian authorities received signals from the diplomatic and international level that it was impossible to pass a bill banning the UOC.

According to him, the authorities were told to reconsider their attitude towards the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Denisov recalled that in the world there is a generally recognized element of individual responsibility, which does not allow legal organizations to be banned for illegal actions committed by their representatives.

As for legal entities, the human rights activist noted that their ban is possible only if they declare membership in extremist organizations.

“Only specific individuals guilty of committing a particular offence can be brought to legal responsibility, through appropriate judicial procedures that provide guarantees for the defence and respect the principle of the presumption of innocence,” he added.

As reported, Oleg Denisov said that the UOC ban cannot be implemented in practice.


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