Laity prompt SBU who else besides Pochaiv Lavra offended the honour of Jews

30 November 2023 13:41
Kyiv synagogue. Photo: travs Kyiv synagogue. Photo: travs

In the 1980s, a young Soviet scholar, V. Yelensky, published a work criticising Jewish Zionism and clericalism.

The public movement "Myriany" published a recommendation for the Security Service of Ukraine on their Telegram channel. The SBU, whose employees conducted searches at the Pochaiv Lavra on November 30 as part of a criminal case accusing its leadership of insulting the honor and dignity of Jews, was recommended to check another publication.

"Here it is. We found another publication, or more precisely – a whole book. The author has a familiar name. SBU, can you help us identify who this is?" wrote "Myriany", posting a photo of V. Yelensky's brochure "Jewish Clericalism and Zionism", released by the Soviet publisher "Vyscha shkola" in 1988.

In the brochure, Yelensky told Soviet citizens that "it is impossible not to be amazed at the scale and depth of Lenin's thought, his genius." He also claimed that "the ideology and practice of the clerical-Zionist alliance, especially in its Israeli version, become increasingly aggressive, racist, while the mystification and religious apology for chauvinism and territorial expansion increase."

"Zionists are invariably among those who are ready to tarnish the achievements of socialism by any means, inflate the myth of the 'Soviet military threat,' strive to fuel nationalist sentiments, and parasitize on religious feelings," assured the Soviet scientist, who currently holds the position of the head of State Ethnopolitics in Ukraine.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that the SBU explained the searches at the Pochaiv Lavra by stating that its leadership offended the honor and dignity of Jews.

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