Priest: Have students ever been evicted into cold at night in our history?

01 December 2023 11:29
Police and SBU officers evicting female students from the Kremenets College. Photo: Zoya Karpiuk FB Police and SBU officers evicting female students from the Kremenets College. Photo: Zoya Karpiuk FB

The students of the Kremenets Regents College claim that the police threatened to "take them out" them if they did not leave.

During the police "eviction" of students of the Kremenets Regents College, their parents and relatives were not allowed to enter the territory. In comments to local journalist Zoya Karpiuk, the people said they did not understand how students could be driven out into the cold.

Archpriest Andriy Varanitsa, rector of the Intercession Church in the village of Kushlin, said that such a thing had never happened in the history of Ukraine.

"Early this morning, special forces broke down the doors of the girls who were still sleeping. They didn't even have a single woman who could normally enter their rooms. I ask a question – in the modern history of our state of Ukraine, is there a single example when students have been kicked out in ten-degree frost at half past six in the morning? In what educational institution has it been?" asks the priest and notes that the fathers of many of these children are at the front fighting for Ukraine.

"They broke in and said: either you pack your things and go on your own, or we'll take you out of here. Is this normal?!" one of the students wonders.

Another asks the journalist in tears why the police let her into the territory, but her father who wanted to take their household furniture wasn’t allowed.

The mother of one of the students said that all the girls came out in tears, some of them had their room doors cut with grinders; others were pushed.

"Now the question is: Is it really necessary to act this way during such a time when there is a war in the country, especially with these children who are just developing their moral and spiritual connection to their homeland?" the woman asks, reminding that during a war, no one should be evicted during the heating season.

As reported, the police stormed the Kremenets Theological School and evicted female students.

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