Kremenets reserve’s head on eviction of UOC students: A pleasant mission

01 December 2023 16:24
Acting head of the Kremenets reserve Vasyl Ilchyshyn. Photo: FB Zoya Krapiuk Acting head of the Kremenets reserve Vasyl Ilchyshyn. Photo: FB Zoya Krapiuk

The official said that he was happy to evict the students of the Kremenets school from the buildings and kick out the Nicholas community of the UOC from the cathedral.

Acting director of the Kremenets-Pochayiv State Historical and Architectural Reserve, Vasyl Ilchyshyn, said in a comment to journalist Zoya Krapiuk that the forced eviction of students of the Kremenets UOC school from the buildings was a "pleasant mission" for him.

In response to the journalist's remark that instead of scientific work he is forced to fulfil an unpleasant mission to coordinate the forceful storming of the school's buildings, Ilchyshyn was surprised and assured Krapiuk that he does this job with pleasure.

"Why unpleasant? It is a pleasant mission, because it is the return of state property, which is returned back to state ownership from the users of the church of the Moscow Patriarchate," Ilchyshyn said, adding that he and the executive service and employees of the SBU do "reconciliation of immovable and movable property."

According to him, after the inventory by the reserve and the SBU, St. Nicholas Cathedral and the premises of the Kremenets school will be "closed and sealed." What will happen to them next, Ilchyshyn refused to comment.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that police stormed the Kremenets theological school and evicted female students.

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