"Hierarch" of OCU: UOC in Pochaiv Lavra is an anomaly that must disappear

01 December 2023 17:40
"Metropolitan" of the Ternopil OCU Nestor Pysyk. Photo: suspilne.media

"Metropolitan" of the Ternopil OCU said that with God's help his structure will "return" to the Pochaiv Lavra, and the UOC will disappear from there.

"Holy Archimandrite" of the "Pochaiv Lavra of the OCU" Nestor Pysyk said that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is an "anomaly" that has no place in the Pochaiv Lavra and should disappear from the monastery. He said this in an interview with journalist V. Kasyan.

According to him, the Pochaev Lavra should become a place around which "Orthodox Ukrainians will rally", "striving to have a patriotic strong local Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine."

He also noted that after the return of the "patriotic" Church to Pochayiv, Ukrainians will be able to attend services "without fear of being kicked out or in some way humiliated".

We shall remind you that on 28 March 2023, the "synod" of the OCU under the leadership of Dumenko established the "Pochaiv Holy Assumption Lavra of the OCU", with Nestor Pysyk as its "priest-archimandrite".

As reported by the UOJ, "Metropolitan" Nestor Pysyk said that he was afraid to go to the Pochaiv Lavra because he was an unwelcome guest there.

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