OCU "priest" complains about domination of "vatniks" in Romania

02 December 2023 14:32
Roman Hryshchuk. Photo: Hryshchuk's Facebook Roman Hryshchuk. Photo: Hryshchuk's Facebook

"Priest" of the OCU R. Hryshchuk urged Romanians not to trust statements about the persecution of the Church in Ukraine.

OCU "priest" Roman Hryshchuk complained on Facebook that there is an influx of 'vatniks' in Romania who sympathize with the UOC, Metropolitans Longin, Pavel, and other clergy of the UOC.

"This problem is quite deep. Locals say that about 20% of those sympathizing with the Moscow Patriarchate 'vatniks' in Romania have a negative attitude towards Ukraine and Ukrainians,' Hryshchuk wrote. He accuses Bukovyna priests of the UOC who have relatives and friends in Romania of this.

"I want to tell you, brothers and sisters Romanians: listen less to Longin Zhar, Pavel Mercedes (abbot of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra – Ed.), or similar Moscow agitators. Because their problems today are not because of faith, not because they are Orthodox, but because of separatism, anti-Ukrainian sentiments, and Moscow narratives that they spread in their speeches, hiding behind children, icons, or crosses!" Hryshchuk assured and called on communities in Romanian-speaking villages in Ukraine to join the "Romanian vicariate" of the OCU.

"This way you can stay in your national identity and not be involved in the denomination that blessed the war and is guilty of the blood of hundreds of thousands of our compatriots!' the "priest" suggested.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that, according to Hryshchuk, cutting the lock on the UOC temple is a sacred cause.

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