Israel bombs Gaza with AI "Gospel" system

03 December 2023 15:20
Bombing of Gaza. Photo: Atef Safadi/EPA Bombing of Gaza. Photo: Atef Safadi/EPA

The Israelis have labelled the most advanced military system that has killed thousands of people as "The Gospel".

Israel is using an artificial intelligence platform called "The Gospel" in its bombardment of Gaza that has killed more than 15,000 people in a month, The Guardian writes.

The publication claims that "The Gospel" is used by the IDF to select targets for airstrikes.

"Multiple sources familiar with the IDF’s targeting processes confirmed the existence of the Gospel to +972/Local Call, saying it had been used to produce automated recommendations for attacking targets, such as the private homes of individuals suspected of being Hamas or Islamic Jihad operatives," The Guardian writes.

According to the publication's sources, "Systems such as the Gospel has played a critical role in building lists of individuals authorised to be assassinated."

The sources say that since senior Hamas officials disappeared into tunnels at the start of any new offensive, systems such as "The Gospel" allowed the IDF to locate and attack a much larger pool of more junior operatives.

"That is a lot of houses," the source said. "Hamas members who don’t really mean anything live in homes across Gaza. So they (Israel – Ed.) mark the home and bomb the house and kill everyone there."

A separate source told the publication that "'The Gospel' had allowed the IDF to run a 'mass assassination factory'" in which the "emphasis is on quantity and not on quality”. For some experts who research AI and international humanitarian law, an acceleration of this kind raises a number of concerns.

Recall that from ancient Greek, Gospel is translated as "good news."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Jerusalem Church condemned Israel's shelling of an Orthodox centre in Gaza.

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