Trial of Metropolitan Longin postponed due to the absence of "victims"

05 December 2023 13:36
Metropolitan Longin and his lawyer in front of the Hertsa District Court building. Photo: screenshot from the Telegram channel Metropolitan Longin and his lawyer in front of the Hertsa District Court building. Photo: screenshot from the Telegram channel "Myriany"

Due to the prolongation of the trial by the "victims", Vladyka Longin is unable to begin treatment for cancer.

On December 5, 2023, the trial of Metropolitan Longin of Bancheny was once again postponed due to the repeated non-appearance of the "victims" at the court hearing. This was reported by the hierarch's lawyer addressing numerous UOC believers who came to support the bishop at the Hertsa District Court building in Chernivtsi Oblast. The video of the speech was published by the Telegram channel "Myriany".

"The 'victim' side did not come," said the lawyer. "We do not know whether these people exist or not. They do not appear, and every time before a court hearing, they or someone on their behalf come to court and file a statement that they request the hearing to be held without their participation. Because of this, the court does not fine them or apply any enforcement measures to them. We hope that the 'victims' will gather courage and come to the court hearing. If they believe that their rights to freedom of religion have been violated, they are obliged to come to court."

The lawyer stated that the next court hearing is scheduled for December 21, but it is unlikely to take place.

"The bishop will be undergoing treatment, and probably, doctors will not allow him to participate in the hearing," said the defender.

According to Metropolitan Longin, due to the prolonged legal process initiated by the "victims," he cannot start the treatment for his oncological disease.

"Today, I provided all the documents that three years ago, I had three surgeries due to a malignant tumor," said the archpastor. "I must undergo chemotherapy. I have not been able to receive treatment for a whole year because they do not allow it. And I refused court proceedings until March because I have to take care of my health."

The people gathered outside the court demanded an end to the trial against Metropolitan Longin, chanting "Not guilty!" and "Shame!"

As the UOJ reported, on November 17, 2023, the trial of Metropolitan Longin was postponed due to the non-appearance of the "victims". The bishop felt unwell in court.

The UOJ also reported that on 5 December 2023, hundreds of people took part in rallies in support of Metropolitan Longin outside the Ukrainian embassies in Bucharest and in Chisinau.

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