Metropolitan Longin: My case is under the control of President Zelensky

05 December 2023 14:14
Metropolitan Longin near the court. Photo: Metropolitan Longin near the court. Photo:

The UOC hierarch stated the authorities want to "finish him off", as the criminal case against him for "inciting interfaith discord" is under the President’s control.

Metropolitan Longin stated that the criminal case initiated against him under the charge of "inciting interreligious discord" is under the control of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He made this statement addressing the believers who were waiting for the bishop after another court hearing, as reported by the UOJ correspondent.

"Today's trial is unfair. For two years, we have been talking, shouting to our Constitution guarantor, but the President does not hear us, he wants to finish us off. The Governor of Chernivtsi Oblast said, 'Finish Zhar (Metropolitan's last name – Ed.), because everything is under the control of the President, it is on his desk.' They want to finish off our Orthodox faith, our Church," he said.

Metropolitan Longin also called on the international community to influence the Ukrainian authorities, which, according to him, have crossed all boundaries in terms of persecutions against Christians.

"We ask the whole world, please tell them to stop finishing off the Ukrainian people. We served this state with honor and pride. Aren't you ashamed, dear leaders? Where is the Constitution of our state? Where are human rights? Where is freedom of religion? We will no longer allow mockery of our priests, of our people," added the hierarch.

As reported by the UOJ, hundreds of people rallied in Bucharest in support of Metropolitan Longin.

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