American journalist: I've witnessed a dire persecution against the UOC

05 December 2023 14:34
American journalist Flavius ​​Mihaies. Photo: American journalist Flavius ​​Mihaies. Photo: "Myriany"

Journalist Flavius Mihaies told the faithful outside the Hertsa court that he had a chance to personally witness the persecution of the UOC.

Journalist Flavius ​​Mihaies, a member of the National Press Club, the professional organization for journalists in Washington, D.C., told the UOC believers outside the Hertsa Court building that he had personally witnessed persecutions against the UOC. A video of the journalist's speech outside the Hertsa court was published on the "Myriany" Telegram channel.

"Despite these difficult times for you, you've opened your arms and your homes, and I have been touched by your generosity even in this difficult time for you and for the Church. I cannot speak for everything that is happening in Ukraine, but what I have witnessed for the last two days is a very dire persecution of UOC Christians," the journalist said.

He explained that his parents are Romanians who had to emigrate in the late 70s due to religious persecution by the communists. Arriving in Ukraine, Flavius ​​Mihaies understood the conditions in which his parents lived and prayed.

"When I came here for the first time, I visited the first village where the church was closed and stolen from the UOC believers. Instead of gathering in their church, your fellow Christians had gathered in a small house made of wood. It was a very simple house full of people, not the less. It was cold. I felt cold, but they didn't look like they were cold. And for the first time I thought – this is how my grandparents' house looked like when the Christians were gathering there. And I just want to say it might feel lonely for you today, but we see you and we hear you," said Flavius ​​Mihaies.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that the trial of Metropolitan Longin was again postponed due to the non-appearance of the "victims".

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