Israel destroys Gaza's Grand Mosque

09 December 2023 11:36
The destroyed Great Mosque of Gaza. Photo: Reuters The destroyed Great Mosque of Gaza. Photo: Reuters

According to Palestinian reports, Israel has destroyed 104 mosques and three Christian temples during the Gaza warfare.

On 8 December 2023, Israel destroyed Gaza's Great Mosque, the oldest in the region, swissinfo reported, citing a Hamas statement.

Hamas called it a "heinous barbaric crime." Palestinians say Israel has "destroyed 104 mosques and three historic churches" in two months since the start of hostilities. Seventeen thousand Palestinians have been killed in the war.

The Great Mosque of Gaza in today's video was rebuilt in 1344.

It was originally the site of a pagan temple dedicated to Dagon, the god of abundance. In the V century it was rebuilt into a Christian church. In the VII century the church was destroyed by Persian-Sassanids and transformed into a mosque.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that Israel is bombing Gaza with the help of the "Gospel" AI system.

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