Hundreds of UOC сhurches seized in Ukraine over the past year

11 December 2023 11:37
MP of Ukraine Artem Dmytruk. Photo: MP of Ukraine Artem Dmytruk. Photo:

The MP said that over the past year, the OCU has raided hundreds of UOC churches across Ukraine, using physical violence and fake votes for the "transfer" of communities.

Artem Dmytruk, an MP of Ukraine, announced that over the past year, raiders of the OCU have seized hundreds of churches across Ukraine, resorting to physical violence against believers and clergy of the UOC. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

According to him, people unrelated to religious communities vote for the transfer of UOC churches to the OCU, while the opinions of the actual parishioners are not taken into account.

Commenting on the criminal cases initiated after the seizure of the UOC's Holy Spirit Church in Luh, Zakarpattia, Dmytruk noted that legal responsibility will catch up with everyone who raises a hand against believers and seizes Orthodox shrines.

"The seizure of the church in the village of Luh in Zakarpattia. Another example – the UOC Convent in Cherkasy. Another one – the cathedral in Ivano-Frankivsk. All these and hundreds of other churches have one thing in common – beaten believers, clergy, the blood and tears of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. And all this after the proclamation by the Presidentof the so-called 'spiritual independence,'" he wrote.

"I appeal to everyone who raises a hand against the believers of our Church, our priests! Your actions will definitely be legally assessed. I do not know why you think you can mock Ukrainians with impunity. But it is not so! The time will come, and each of you will stand trial and face punishment. Just bear that in mind," added the parliamentarian.

Recall that the police initiated criminal proceedings after the beating of believers in Luh on Zakarpattia.

As reported by the UOJ, OCU raiders in Cherkasy broke the jaw of a UOC priest.

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