Dumenko becomes an honourable aviator

22 February 12:50
Dumenko is studying Soviet aviation. Photo: OCU website Dumenko is studying Soviet aviation. Photo: OCU website

Epifaniy believes that the title was awarded not to him personally, but to the entire "multi-million OCU".

Serhiy Dumenko has been awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of the National Aviation University, as reported by the website of the OCU. The insignia of the doctorate was presented to Epifaniy at a meeting of the academic council of the National Aviation University.

After receiving the award, Dumenko stated that the title of Doctor of Aviation is bestowed upon the entire OCU through him.

"I accept this high title with the understanding that it is not only bestowed upon me personally as the Primate, but also upon our multi-million-strong local Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Church of the Ukrainian people," said Serhiy Petrovych.

He also reiterated a formula coined by Filaret Denisenko, stating that "we are walking the path of truth, and where there is truth, there is God, and where there is God, there is always victory."

Earlier, the OCU wrote that Dumenko referred to the words of Christ as a saying.

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