Cypriot hierarch: Terrible lawlessness is being committed against the UOC

22 February 17:26
Metropolitan Neophytos. Photo: UOJ Metropolitan Neophytos. Photo: UOJ

Metropolitan Neophytos called the actions of the OCU a great injustice.

The ruling hierarch of the Morphou Metropolis of the Cypriot Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Neophytos, stated in a comment to TASS that the authorities of Ukraine are committing lawlessness against the UOC.

"I have a consistent position regarding the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. For me, there is only one archbishop (Primate - Ed.) – Metropolitan Onuphry of Kyiv, whom we respect as an ascetic person," the hierarch said.

He emphasized that at a time when there is special lawlessness against the Church, "Christ sends to each Local Orthodox Church, undergoing severe trials, a virtuous and obedient archbishop, Onuphry being such a person."

Metropolitan Neophytos called the actions of the head of the OCU, Serhiy Dumenko, "a very great injustice, which will soon manifest itself in all parts of the land."

He also commented on why the episcopate of some Churches remains silent about what is happening around the UOC. "Not always decisions of synods, primates, and hierarchs are made according to church criteria: many hierarchs are guided by political, rather than spiritual considerations," he said.

Earlier, the OCU wrote that, according to Metropolitan Neophytos, the current persecutions are necessary for new saints to shine in the UOC.

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