MP: Lavra must be returned to UOC immediately, otherwise wait for trouble

27 February 10:44
Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Photo: Yevgeniy Shevchenko's tg-channel Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Photo: Yevgeniy Shevchenko's tg-channel

Yevhen Shevchenko called for the return of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and other seized temples to the UOC.

Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Yevhen Shevchenko has called for the immediate cessation of repression against the UOC in his Telegram channel.

"The Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra must urgently be returned to the canonical UOC and its monks. In addition, all the other churches in Ukraine, brutally seized, must be returned," Shevchenko wrote.

According to him, if this is not done, "there will be trouble." "It's already happening. Without the prayers of Ukrainian monks in the Lavra for the salvation and protection of Ukraine, it will be impossible to hold on," the MP warned.

According to him, assigning collective responsibility to the UOC for Russia's attack is "an act on the brink of a crime, condemned by the entire civilized world."

"Once, during Nazi Germany, collective responsibility was imposed on Jews. And in the Soviet Union, Stalin imposed collective guilt for the German attack on Soviet Germans and sent them to Siberia and Kazakhstan. Some ended up in labor camps, concentration camps. Then the same fate, to bear collective responsibility, fell on the Crimean Tatars. And now our authorities want to make all the priests of the UOC guilty of Russia's invasion," Shevchenko wrote.

The MP emphasized that "the UOC is not the Moscow Church. It is the Church of Ancient Rus. Canonical by law."

"The UOC has originally the same roots as the ROC. This fact is used as a reason for the persecution of the Church. Society has been incited through the media, and that's why many support the banning of this Church in Ukraine. But I remind you that society also supported the Jewish ghetto in Germany. But how did it all end? People don't know what they're doing!" the MP concluded.

In another post, he recalled the words of a German-American philosopher who studied the crimes of Nazism: "Where there is collective guilt, there is no guilt."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that, according to Yevhen Shevchenko, if the Rada adopts a law banning the UOC, Ukraine will be blocked from joining the EU.

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