Political analyst: OP ordered publications in Western media against UOC

21 March 18:29
Office of the President of Ukraine. Photo: 1tv.ge Office of the President of Ukraine. Photo: 1tv.ge

Kostiantyn Bondarenko published information about the upcoming media campaign discrediting the UOC.

Political analyst and historian Kostiantyn Bondarenko stated that a number of Western publications have received orders from the President's Office regarding publications in the media aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). He wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

Negative materials will also be placed against American lawyer of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Robert Amsterdam, and former MP, UOC Protodeacon Vadim Novinsky.

According to Bondarenko's information, the total budget, including articles on other topics, amounts to over $2.5 million in March and April 2024.

"In Ukraine, any publication in Western media is perceived with the same reverence as articles in the newspaper 'Pravda' were perceived in Soviet times. Many think that this is almost the official position of the State Department or the White House. In fact, everything is much simpler and more banal," wrote the political analyst.

As the UOJ reported, an emergency meeting of the Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy of the Verkhovna Rada was held in connection with the activities of the head of the international human rights company Amsterdam & Partners LLP, Robert Amsterdam. Authorities fear that he may influence Ukrainian MPs and thereby block bill No. 8371.

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