Zelensky: When they speak about the Church, I remember about the war

17 June 2021 11:44
Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: president.gov.ua Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: president.gov.ua

Vladimir Zelensky said that the Russian Federation postpones his meeting with Putin, explaining this with strained arguments on the topic of language and the Church.

On June 14, 2021, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said in an interview with Agence France-Presse, Reuters and Associated Press that in relations with Russia it is necessary to end the war, but for now, when they talk about the Church, it -reminds him of the war, the official website of the Head of State reports.

Commenting on a possible meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Zelensky said that, in his opinion, the Russian side was "delaying" this meeting “too much”.

“The issue of the Russian language, the church and the like is being raised. Even the media are discussing my figure – this is very ‘important’ in bilateral relations when there is a war,” said the President of Ukraine.

According to him, there should be respect between the two states: “But what should come first when we talk about respect? I have two children. Let's say a child, an infant still in a ‘diaper’. Unfortunately, he does not understand that he has to take off his pants first and then ‘to pee’, pardon me. Not vice versa".

“But Russia and Ukraine are already adults. We understand what we have to do and why. Therefore, when they talk about the church or the language, I think: we are at war. Let's solve the issue – this should come first. Everything is clear: we end the war and then improve our relations. How long can we wait? It takes so many generations (to suffer – Ed.). Whether they want it or not, that’s secondary. This is what the whole point is about,” Zelensky summed up.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that, according to political expert Daniil Bogatyrev, power is alienated from citizens on the basis of faith.

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