MP urges SBU to investigate "provocations" during Bartholomew's visit

23 September 2021 17:14
The MP called on the SBU to investigate the The MP called on the SBU to investigate the "provocations" during the visit of the head of Phanar. Photo:

Anton Poliakov believes that information from the media about allegedly impending provocations during the visit of the Phanar head to Kyiv should be duly investigated.

MP of the Verkhovna Rada and ex-representative of the Servant of the People faction Anton Poliakov demanded that the Security Service of Ukraine check information about the preparation of "provocations" during the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to Ukraine. He announced this on his Facebook page on Wednesday, September 22.

According to the deputy, law enforcement officers should investigate statements "on the preparation and conduct of provocations during protests against the visit of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew", which were circulated in the media in August this year.

“Such provocations, as a rule, are arranged with one purpose, viz. to show an alleged split in society, oppression of believers of certain confessions and undermine the unity of the Ukrainian nation. Such actions, as well as the information covered in the media, in my opinion, should be checked properly, since they directly relate to the security of the country and citizens in general,” he wrote.

In a parliamentary inquiry, which Poliakov also published, he clarified the necessity to investigate "the facts of the financing by the BRSM-Nafta gas station network and its owner Andrei Biba against the arrival of the Ecumenical Patriarch, as well as the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine."

We will remind that last week the Lviv "Right Sector" openly threatened to take "radical measures" against entrepreneur and patron Andrei Biba, thanks to whom 10 churches of the UOC were built in the western regions instead of the seized ones. The radicals voiced their threats and demands at one of the BRSM-Nafta gas stations.

The UOJ also wrote that the pro-OCU media ascribed to the “Miriane” plans to assassinate the head of Phanar.

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