Demograher: In Ukraine birth of second child doubles the risk of poverty

25 November 2021 17:47
Liudmila Cherenko in the project Liudmila Cherenko in the project "Who are we?" Photo: a video screenshot from the TV Channel “Zorianyi”

The situation when the very presence of a child becomes the risk of poverty is a shame for a civilized society, Liudmila Cherenko stressed.

In Ukraine, the birth of a second child increases the risk of poverty by 1.5–2 times, says Liudmila Cherenko, PhD in Economics, Head of the Sector for Researching the Living Standards of the M. V. Ptukha Population Institute of Demography and Social Research, in the documentary "Who are we?" on the TV channel "Zorianyi"

She stated that studies conducted over 20 years have shown that the most vulnerable to poverty category of the population in Ukraine is, unfortunately, children.

“It is shameful for a civilized society when having a child is already a risk of increasing poverty,” the expert emphasized. “And with the birth of a second child, the risk of poverty increases by 1.5–2 times.”

As a reminder, on November 22, there was the premiere of the first series of the documentary project "Who are we?" about the rapid extinction of Ukrainians and about what affects the demographic situation in Ukraine. The project participants are leading experts, academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, first-rank specialists, famous philosophers, as well as representatives of the clergy who analyze the prospects for the future of Ukraine.

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