Yurash tells how Ukraine needs spiritual guidance of the Pope

10 February 2022 19:16
Yurash tells how Ukraine needs spiritual guidance of the Pope

According to Andrei Yurash, proper cooperation between Ukraine and the Vatican will not work without spiritual epistles of the Pope to Ukrainians.

Andrei Yurash, the new Ukrainian Ambassador to the Vatican, said in an interview with risu.ua that our state would not do without a close contact with the RCC.

“Theoretically, one can imagine that there is a state that independently develops its tradition and culture. However, I am convinced that Ukraine will not do without outreach, communication, interaction, regular exchange of messages, spiritual epistles with the Vatican,” says Yurash.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the opponent of the UOC Yurash believes that the integration of Ukraine into the EU is unthinkable without cooperation with the Vatican.

Recall that on February 9, information appeared on the Web that Ukraine was preparing to sign a concordat with the Vatican. In the event of signing this agreement, Ukraine will have to provide the Catholic Church with privileged conditions in comparison with the other confessions.

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