"Hierarch" of OCU: We are awaiting another Tomos, with Uniates

28 March 2022 15:23

Mikhail Zinkevich is anticipating the unification of the UOC, OCU, UOC-KP and UGCC into one structure.

In an interview with delo.ua, "Metropolitan" Mikhail Zinkevich said that the OCU is awaiting another Tomos for a single "church", which will embrace all Orthodox denominations and Uniates.

“When we win, these tendencies will soon take shape, and there will be another Tomos,” Zinkevich said.

According to him, the expectations from the Tomos of the OCU were not met: “We expected all Orthodox churches to get united – the dioceses of the Moscow Patriarchate, the Kyiv Patriarchate, the Autocephalous Church. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was also among them. After all, in the future after the war, I see all these churches blended into one structure.”

According to Zinkevich, "it should be one Kyiv church in the patriarchal status."

According to him, there are now different tendencies in Ukraine, in particular, within the UOC, but they “are aimed at one thing – there should be the only large nationwide local Orthodox Church in Ukraine.”

“I am awaiting another Tomos and the UOC (meaning OCU – Ed.) to be called the Kyiv Patriarchate and headed by the patriarch,” added the “hierarch” of the UOC.

As previously reported by the UOJ, according to the "hierarch" of the OCU, the communities of the UOC that refused to join the OCU are separatists.

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