Yurash tells about Fanar's response to the situation in Ukrainian Orthodoxy

09 June 2022 00:12
Yurash tells about Fanar's response to the situation in Ukrainian Orthodoxy

The Patriarchate of Constantinople doesn't recognize any other autocephaly in Ukraine than that represented by the OCU, said Ukraine's Ambassador to the Vatican.

Ukrainian Ambassador to the Vatican Andrii Yurash spoke about his meeting with the Phanar hierarch, Metropolitan Emmanuel (Adamakis) of Chalcedon, during which they discussed issues of Ukrainian Orthodoxy.

According to Yurash, “having recognized, according to the Tomos of January 5-6, 2019, the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, the Mother Church of Constantinople not only is unwilling, but cannot (according to canonical rules) be involved in resolving controversial issues in the Orthodox environment of Ukraine".

All responsibilities for correcting relations between Orthodox structures in Ukraine (dioceses, parishes, etc.) are assigned by the Phanariots to the OCU, which means that all dioceses and clergymen, "if they wish to be in a recognized and canonical autocephalous Orthodox Church", must apply same way.

Separately, it refers to the bishops of "other jurisdictions who ignored their right to join the 2018 Unification Council. According to Phanar, “they can use this right now, appealing and motivating their position” before Dumenko.

A special emphasis was laid on the fact that no other Church, except for the Phanar, “can issue a legitimate tomos of autocephaly for any other jurisdiction in Ukraine”, therefore “any self-proclaimed autocephaly” will not be recognized by the Phanar, since only the Church of Constantinople “has the authority to grant such autocephaly."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Vatican called for part of the Lavra temples to be transferred to the OCU.

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