Attention, schismatic: Thassos Metropolis warns about Dumenko’s visit

29 August 2022 21:22
Attention, schismatic: Thassos Metropolis warns about Dumenko’s visit

The believers of the Church of Greece are distributing leaflets with a warning that Epifaniy, who is going to come to the island of Thassos, is a layman.

Believers of the Philippian, Naples and Thassos Metropolis of the Church of Greece continue to protest against the arrival of the head of the OCU on the island and distribute leaflets warning believers that Sergei Dumenko is not a canonical clergyman.

“Attention: the arrival of a schismatic on the island of Thassos!

'Schismatics remain schismatics, and the only canonical Church in Ukraine is the Church headed by Metropolitan Onuphry,'" the leaflet quotes a 2019 letter from the Athonite monks to the Holy Kinot of the Holy Mountain.

The Orthodox remind that Epifaniy Dumenko was "ordained" by the excommunicated Filaret Denisenko.

“According to the Holy Canons, Epifaniy has neither holy orders nor apostolic succession, he is in schism, and any believer should not have any communion with him,” warn the Orthodox of the island of Thassos. Believers cite the statements of the Greek, Cypriot hierarchs, as well as the elders of Athos about Dumenko, where it is noted that there cannot be God's grace in a person who was ordained by an excommunicated schismatic.

“The Patriarchate of Constantinople has begun accepting persons who do not have holy orders, which is blasphemy and desecration of the Eucharist,” reads the text of the leaflet, which got at the disposal of the UOJ.

Recall that on September 4, a divine service will be held on the Greek island of Thassos with the participation of Dumenko, Patriarch Bartholomew and Archbishop Ieronymos.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that more than 400 laity of the Greek Church called on their metropolitan not to serve with Dumenko.

Also, the elders of Athos opposed the arrival of the head of the OCU in Greece.

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