Greek hierarch on ecumenism: In 2025, “union of churches” will be a reality

27 October 2022 00:46
Greek hierarch on ecumenism: In 2025, “union of churches” will be a reality

The hierarch of the Church of Greece believes the goal of all inter-Christian events is to create the illusion of shared faith of Orthodox and Catholics among believers.

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus of the Greek Orthodox Church said that in 2025 the “union of churches” promoted by ecumenists will become a reality, reports

Criticizing and expressing regret over the annual inter-Christian conference, which is held in the Peristerian diocese of the GOC, Metropolitan Seraphim noted that the goal of all such "symposiums" is to "create the illusion of common faith and common spirituality with the papists among the faithful people of God."

“We regret that the ‘Orthodox’ ecumenists did not want to take into account anything that we wrote about the papacy from time to time, and our voice was ‘a voice in the wilderness’, a voice that falls on deaf ears. At the same time, they rejoice when they hear the approval of the heterodox (literally, “poorly orthodox”, κακοδόξων, – Ed.),” the Metropolitan said.

He also wrote that his "sadness and anxiety is growing when he sees bishops also becoming complicit in these arrangements and despising the oath they gave at the time of their ordination, viz. to keep the faith of our Church intact and incorruptible."

These bishops, in the words of Metropolitan Seraphim, "recognize, even if only tacitly, that the errors of the papists, recognized by the infallible conscience of the Church, constitute a 'common heritage' with the infallible Orthodox faith."

“By their attitude, they made it clear to us that the prepared Uniate type of “union of churches” will very soon, probably in 2025, become a reality, which will be the greatest blow to the Church in its two thousand-year history!” Vladyka summed up.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that, according to Patriarch Bartholomew, the anniversary of the Council of Nicaea in 2025 is a reason for the unification of Christians. In addition, the Phanar expressed the idea of a common celebration of Easter with Catholics and sectarians by 2025.

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