1. General provisions

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) regulates the legal relations between the administration (Information Agency "Union of Orthodox Journalists" LLC, registration code 39738055 (hereinafter – the Administration), the website https://spzh.news/ (hereinafter – the Site) and an individual (hereinafter – the User) when using forums, blogs, chat, comments and other interactive resources, as well as posting text messages, video, audio, graphic materials (hereinafter – the Materials) on the Site on the Internet at the address https://spzh.news/ (hereinafter – the Site), as well as sending postal messages using Postal services (e-mail).

The User is an individual who has registered on the Site and uses the services and/or Internet products of the Site https://spzh.news/. The text of this Agreement is displayed to the User during registration. The Agreement comes into force from the moment the User agrees with its terms by registering on the Site. The User may use the services of the Site only after registration.

1.2. This Agreement may be changed by the Administration without any special notice to the User. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the portal.

1.3. Legal relations arising between the User and the Administration in connection with the execution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Ukraine.

2. Interaction

2.1. The Site provides the Users with Internet services (forums, blogs, chats, commenting function and other interactive resources (hereinafter – the Service), the possibility of posting their Materials on a free basis.

2.2. In order to use the Site Services, the User shall undergo the following registration procedure:

2.2.1. Fill in the registration form;

2.2.2. Agree to the terms of the Agreement. At the same time, the Administration in no way verifies the information provided by the User for veracity and is not responsible to any third parties for the accuracy and veracity of such information; does not consider the information provided by the User as personal data subject to special protection in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection";

2.2.3. Upon completion of the registration process, the User enters an account login and password to access the Site Services. The User is personally responsible for the security of his/her login and password, as well as full responsibility for all actions that will be performed by the User in the process of using the Site Services;

2.2.4. The User agrees that the Administration has the right to collect and store the User's registration data (if any) within the Service in order to fulfill the provisions of this Agreement.

2.3. All issues of granting access rights to the Internet, purchase and adjustment of the relevant equipment and software for this purpose shall be solved by the User independently and shall not be subject to this Agreement.

2.4. The User's password for the Site Services may be restored by the Administration only in case of accurate, correct and complete entry of the information specified during the initial registration of the User's account.

2.5. Posting of the Materials and use of the Services are post-moderated, that is, the moderator gets acquainted with the materials after posting such materials by the User on the Site. If any material violates the rules of using the Site and/or is such and/or contains information that contradicts the requirements of the current legislation, such material shall be deleted.

3. Services (Placement of Materials)

3.1. The User shall post his Materials on the Site and also transfer to the Administration the exclusive right to provide wide access to the Materials within this resource without payment of any remuneration.

3.2. Responsibility for unauthorized copying and use of the Materials shall be borne by all and any legal entities and individuals who illegally used the Materials posted on the Site.

3.3 Unless otherwise provided, all property and personal non-property rights to the Materials belong to the User who posted them. The User is warned about the liability established by the current legislation of Ukraine for the unlawful use and placement of other people's materials (works). If it is established that the User who posted the Materials is not their legal right holder, these Materials will be removed from free access at the first request of the legal right holder.

3.4. When posting the Material, the Administration shall indicate the User’s pseudonym (nickname) specified by the User when providing the Material.

3.5. The Materials posted on the Website shall not contain:

- materials that are illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive to morality, honour and dignity, rights and legally protected interests of third parties, defamatory, infringing copyrights, promoting hatred and/or discrimination of people on racial, ethnic, sexual and social grounds, contributing to incitement of religious, racial or ethnic hatred, containing scenes of violence or inhuman treatment of animals, etc. established by the Law of Ukraine "On Morality", the Constitution of Ukraine and other relevant normative acts;

- restriction of minority rights;

- impersonation of another person or representative of an organization and/or community without sufficient rights, including employees and owners of the Administration, as well as misleading about the qualities and characteristics of any subjects or objects;

- materials that the User has no right to make available by law or under any contractual relations;

- materials that violate the rights to any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other property rights and/or copyright and related rights of a third party;

- it is prohibited to: upload, post or otherwise transmit intrusive advertising, "spam" correspondence, "chain letters", invitations to participate in pyramid schemes or impose services in any other way;

- materials containing computer codes designed to disrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment or programs, to provide unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers to commercial software products, logins, passwords and other means to gain unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet;

- intentional and/or accidental violation of any applicable local, state or international laws;

- collection and storage of personal data of other users;

- uncoordinated transfer of records of advertising, commercial or propaganda nature;

- advertising of narcotic drugs;

- records to anyone's address containing rude and offensive statements and suggestions;

- records containing pornographic materials;

- it is forbidden to have more than one account (clone) if the rules of the site are violated or the rating is cheated.

In case of violation of the Agreement, the account will be banned (deleted) without any warning.

3.6. The User understands and accepts that all information, data, text, programs, music, sounds, photographs, graphics, videos, messages and other materials posted for public access or transferred privately are the responsibility of the person who made this posting.

3.7. The User may not download, transmit or publish the Materials if they were not created personally by the User or the User does not have the permission of the relevant copyright holder to post them.

3.8. In case of receiving claims from third parties related to the placement of materials by the User, the User shall independently and at his/her own expense settle these claims.

4. Account termination and deletion of the User's Materials

4.1 The User agrees that the Administration reserves the right to terminate the User's account and/or block the User's access to the Site at any time without prior notice to the User and without stating the reason in such cases:

4.1.1. Violation of the provisions of this Agreement, its parts and additions;

4.1.2. At the request of public authorities, in accordance with current legislation;

4.1.3. Long-term non-use (from 6 consecutive calendar months) of the account for access to the site;

4.1.4. In other cases if the Administration considers such deletion necessary for the normal operation of the Site.

4.2. The User may request the Administration to deactivate his/her account on the Site. Deactivation shall mean temporary blocking of the User's account with its preservation (without deleting the User's information from the Site database). To deactivate the account, the User must write a letter to the Site support service from the mailbox to which the User's account was registered with a request to deactivate the account.

4.3. To restore registration on the Site (activate the account), the User shall write a letter to the Website support service with a request to activate the User's account from the mailbox to which the User's account was registered.

4.4. The Administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify (moderate) or delete any information published by the User, including information (materials) that violate(s) the prohibitions set forth in clause 3.5. of this User Agreement (as well as any other prohibitions and requirements provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine), including personal messages and comments, with or without prior notice, without being responsible for any damage that may be caused to the User by such action.

4.5. In case the User posts the Materials that do not belong to him/her and the Administration receives a motivated complaint from the copyright holder about the violation of his/her rights protected by law, the Administration shall have the right to remove the content posted by the User or block the access to it for the Users without notifying the User and without explaining the reasons.

5. Rights and obligations

5.1. The Administration tries to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Site but is not responsible for the full or partial loss of the Materials placed by the User, as well as for the insufficient quality or speed of the Services.

5.2. The User has the right to use the Site to place intellectual property objects, the right to use of which belongs to him/her on legal grounds.

5.3. The Administration has the right to refuse the User to post Materials, text messages, as well as to remove the Materials at its discretion if their content contradicts the requirements of this Agreement.

5.4. The User agrees that he/she is fully responsible for the content of the Materials placed by him/her on the Site. The Administration shall not be liable for the content of the Materials and for their compliance with the requirements of the law, for copyright infringement, unauthorized use of trademarks, company names and their logos, as well as for possible violations of the rights of third parties in connection with the placement of the Materials on the Site. In case of receiving claims from third parties related to the placement of the Materials, the User shall independently and at its own expense settle the said claims.

5.5. The User grants to the Administration a non-exclusive licence to use, including reproduction, distribution, processing, public display of https://spzh.news/ and making publicly available the materials posted by the User within the Site for public viewing as the Site content. The User, who is the legal Author of the materials specified in this clause, retains all property and personal non-property copyrights in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and international agreements.

5.6. The User agrees not to reproduce, not to repeat and not to copy, not to sell and not to resell, as well as not to use for any commercial purposes any intellectual property objects posted on the Site, except when such right is granted by its legal Right holder.

5.7. The Administration does not guarantee that the Site services will meet the User's requirements; will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors, and the results that can be obtained by the User will be accurate and reliable.

5.8. Any materials received by the User using the services of the Site are used by the User at their own risk. The User is solely responsible for any damage that may be caused to the computer and/or data as a result of downloading and using these materials.

5.9. The Administration undertakes to inform the User about the claims of third parties to the Materials posted by the User. The User undertakes either to grant the Administration the right to publish the Material or to remove the Material.

5.10. The Administration shall have the right, upon the first request of the relevant authorized (law enforcement) body, but in accordance with the current legislation, to provide such state body with the available information about the User, without excluding personal data.

5.11. The User acknowledges that the Administration may set restrictions on the use of the Services, including the storage period of any Materials placed by the User.

5.12. The Administration is not responsible

- for the User’s actions on the Site;

- for failures occuring in telecommunication and/or energy networks, the action of malicious programs, as well as for dishonest actions of third parties;

- for the content and legality of the information used/received by the User within the Service, as well as for its nature;

- for damage/lost profit caused to the User as a result of the use or impossibility to use a particular service;

- for the accuracy of advertising information received by the User within the Service and the quality of the goods/services advertised therein, etc;

- for certain damages to the User's software and/or hardware complex resulting from the use of the Service.

6. General information

6.1. This Agreement is legally binding for both the Administration and the User.

6.2. The User has the right to refuse to accept changes and amendments to the Agreement made by the Administration, which means the User's refusal from the services of the Site.

6.3. All possible disputes arising in connection with/about the execution of this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.

6.4. Nothing in the Agreement may be understood as the establishment between the User and the Administration of agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal employment relations, or any other legal relations not expressly provided for by this Agreement.

6.5. The User who believes that his rights and interests have been violated due to the actions of the Administration or third parties in connection with the placement of any Material on the Site, shall send a claim to the support service. The Material will be immediately removed from free access at the first request of the legal right holder.

6.6. In case of the adoption of regulatory legal acts by the authorities of Ukraine, which fully or partially affect the functioning of the Site or the Services, the Administration reserves the right to make any changes to the functioning of the Services aimed at bringing the Site in line with the new norms.